Manufacturer of plywood,
Constructive, Decorative and Acoustical panels


The inventors of HECHTHOUT®

BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL, a name in woodworking, is a specialist in manufacturing high quality sheet material.

Among the famous products of BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL include plywood; several layers selected veneers, expertly glued to strong smooth panels, which can be applied both in the yachting industry and in the construction and renovation industries.

In 1939 BRUYNZEEL started manufacturing veneers. The first peeled veneers initially found their application in the cigar industry, for making cigar boxes. Around this time BRUYNZEEL also invented the now world famous HECHTHOUT®. To test the quality of this panel BRUYNZEEL even built a series of sailboats in the former BRUYNZEEL doors factory.

By further expanding the range of plywood materials BRUYNZEEL became BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL in 1975, a name which has grown to fame well beyond the borders of the Netherlands.
It was in this period that BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL decided to peel veneers in the countries of origin, including Gabon and other African countries.

In 1984 BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL began a close collaboration with SAS ALLIN from France. In 2003, SAS ALLIN decided to take over the production and organization of BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL and since has always guaranteed the continuation of quality and service to almost all European countries and beyond.

Furthermore approximately 15 years ago BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL started a collaboration with the Swiss company N'H TOPAKUSTIK. This factory produces a wide range of acoustic panels and planks. This range is distinguished from others by Top quality and Swiss precision. 


A responsible commitment and respect for environmental and social values.

The BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL production is fully certified FSC/PEFC and all wood is legally procured. Through careful selection of partners and foresters in Africa and other parts of the world, all wood is sourced from sustainable managed forests and is monitored and traceable...

A controlled production process that includes : the eco-design of products, utilizing non- polluting materials that have low impact on the environment and on health in the workplace, stock management, the valuation of all waste wood and energy recovery.

Adherence to traditional values, authenticity and innovation are all elements that drive BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL to continually offer new technical and ecological natural products, in both long-lasting wood and 100% recyclable materials.


A requirement and expertise for every market sector

Today, the business of BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL is centered principally around 3 different sectors of production, each individually demanding but with some commonly shared points : mechanical resistance, technical performance and aesthetic qualities.

The 3 sectors are : a marine range aimed at shipyards and boat building, an industrial joinery range for manufacturers of doors and windows, an Exterior range for the outside decoration and the technical layout of buildings, and an acoustical range aimed at interior decoration and acoustical solutions for every room where people wish to enjoy the silence.

But the expertise of BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL does not stop with these 3 business sectors ; its acquired experience during more than 75 years of production, allows it to make technology transfers in new markets, which are in search of complex solutions : decorative layouts, acoustic and/or thermal insulations, search for mechanical performance, etc..

All this is reason enough why you should not hesitate to come to us with your projects and your needs. The team at BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL is ever at your disposal to offer assistance and guidance with any project.

Innovation and Performance, Investment 

Innovation is the leitmotiv of BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL. From the founding, the company has not stopped its journey of development through innovation, always listening to the needs of its customers for new markets and new demands. The laboratory at the production facility allows for design testing of new wood products and also testing of composite innovative materials.

Today, BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL is the solution for projects requiring acoustical panels, decorative panels, lightweight panels, panels resistant to water and humidity, naturally long-lasting panels, thermal, and fireproof panels.

BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL is also innovative in its production processes. To guarantee its customers irreproachable quality and unequaled competitiveness at the European level, BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL invests every year in its production facilities.

BRUYNZEEL MULTIPANEL also integrates new products into its range every year and does not stop reaching-out to new markets.