The Assignment
The customer’s assignment was for an easy to build, comfortable and steady trawler catamaran, which was economic to run and had a long battery life.

The Architect
The boat was designed by Eric Levet, of Marc Lombard Architects – a respected firm with 25 years experience in the industry.
From racing boats to mass-produced motor boats, and large mono to multihull yachts Marc Lombard’s is well known throughout the industry; recent successes include:
Vendee Globe, Circuit IMOCA and ORMA Class 40 Mini Transat.  

A pioneer in the use of digital methods, the agency uses digital simulation of hull and appendages, finite studies of structures, complete 3D modelling and volume analysis.

Over the past three years the firm has worked on more than 2,000 units, making it a world leader in naval architecture.

This boat is born of the Cabinet Lombard meeting with the owner wishing to build a catamaran able to carry on his personal project

The Shipyard Hervé
Hervé yards build ships or adjust the unit and carry parts for the major French sites. They are known and recognized for their experience and high quality.  

The marine plywood

HECHTHOUT® from Bruynzeel
Allin Bruynzeel, manufactures high-end plywood and provided all the board for this project (approximately 1,000 sqm)
The Atlantic Cruiser 60 is constructed with Hechthout® plywood (100% Okoume).
In this type of construction, it is essential to have a panel of high quality validated by certification.
Hechthout® plywood is a homogeneous product made from thin veneers carefully selected and assembled using an adhesive weatherproof.

The essence of Okoume wood is both strong and lightweight.
The plywood was used to achieve the main structure of the vessel, including the hull, deck, bulkheads and interior.
The use of plywood has several advantages:
The boat’s weight is 30% to 40%lighter - compared to conventional materials used in shipbuilding, such as aluminium or glass polyester.
The decreased weight also makes it possible to increase the load capacity and improve the engine power required, which induces greater autonomy.
The accuracy of the digital cutting facilitates assembly by gluing the panels require no mechanical attachment which reduces construction time and the overall weight - ensuring perfect rigidity of the structure.



HECHTHOUT is een weer- en waterbestendig Okoume Multiplex welke al meer dan 60 jaar zijn kwaliteit heeft bewezen in bouw en jachtbouw. Hechthout is een gevel- en jachtbouw constructie materiaal, opgebouwd uit de allerbeste, foutvrije Okoume fineren. Hechthout staat voor duurzame kwaliteit met een minimum aan onderhoud. Qua watervastheid en (zee) waterbestendigheid krijgt Hechthout de unieke garantie mee van 20 jaar, inclusief approvals van het Lloyds register en de Germanische Lloyds.